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Xavier Sirés, barcelonogy-2

Xavier Sirés

Un sábado de Diciembre, me encontré con el escritor Xavier Sirés (Barcelona,...

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Ester López, mestra

L’Ester López (Castelló, 1988) es va criar entre Benicarló i Berga, va estudiar a Barcelona i ja fa...

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Clara Mas i Anna Masides, Insòlit Barcelona

28 years ago a heavy snowfall covered the Tibidabo and a few days later, when the snow began to...

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gabriela zea nadal, xipre

A Xipre…

People often ask me what I was doing before Barcelonogy. Well, I studied as much as I could (Film,...

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Barcelonogy a la ràdio

This is Andreu Viñas Pol at work. Along with Chema Carrasco, he runs the program ‘Prefències’ on...

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From King’s College to Kings road

I was a Londoner from late 2011 to early 2013, lived in a rush, left in a rush. The time I spent...

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Marçal Ricard i Marona Rovira, joves catalans a Nova Zelanda

You might know that Barcelona is bounded between the rivers Besòs and Llobregat, the Collserola...

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Q9 Magazine: Maria Torrellas al Dipòsit de les Aigües

What is the city? One of the possible ways to define the urban world is through the presence of...

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Cava Sumant, sumant capacitats

I am walking around Vallvidrera in one of those splendid spring mornings (specifically on the one of...

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Un balcó sobre el Carrer d’Ortigosa

During my visit at the studio Flores & Prats, we do a pause in our conversation and, for a few...

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