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tonykeeler by barcelonogy

Who is Tony Keeler?

We have just started filming the documentary 'Who is Tony Keeler?' directed by Adriana de Sandoval...

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Àlex Llovet, fotògraf, autor de ‘Querido Vecino’

 Alex Llovet (Barcelona, 1974) is a musician (member of the group The Pinker Tones) and also a...

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Alberto Gamazo, fotògraf: Señor Archer

A few days ago I passed by a shop in Barcelona that caught my attention and when I took a picture...

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unnamed còpia 2

Blanca Viñas, fotógrafa

Who is Blanca Viñas? Born in Barcelona in 1987, she is the creator of images that are both...

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Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH

Els dimecres de la Blanca Viñas

Every Wednesday for ten weeks, between last May and last July, Barcelonogy had the privilege to...

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Jorge Represa, fotògraf

The more pictures I take, the more I realize that to portray someone is, to a greater or lesser...

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