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Albert Om

I am so happy with the opportunity to interview journalist Albert Om (Taradell, Osona, 1966): his...

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Albert Triola

No sé si recordareu aquella etapa de la vida en la que tens una alçada que, sovint, t’obliga a...

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Clara Cirera, actriz

Hace ya casi una década que Clara Cirera vive en París donde se ha abierto camino trabajando en lo...

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Paco Poch, productor

After talking to Paco Poch (Igualada, 1951), I’ve got the sensation that, as it happens with good...

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Aida Folch, barcelonogy.com.1

Aida Folch, actriu

I have admired actress Aida Folch (Reus, 1986) for many years. I first found out about her during my...

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Barcelona by… Pablo Zea

To read more about Pablo Zea, co founder of the advertising agency SantaMarta, and the way he sees...

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Pablo Zea, cofundador de SantaMarta

It seems that autumn has finally arrived to Barcelona and I enjoy it walking along Rambla Catalunya...

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Carlota Coloma and Adrià Lahuerta, cineastes

I've lived in Barcelona for practically my whole life and had never been to the turó de la Rovira...

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alba yañez

Alba Yañez, actriu i ‘foodie’

Lets imagine that Barcelona is a cocktail shaker. Inside, we put a little bit of Sun, a plenty of...

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