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Clara Mas i Anna Masides, Insòlit Barcelona

28 years ago a heavy snowfall covered the Tibidabo and a few days later, when the snow began to...

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Montse Sacasas, directora d’Ad Sentia

I am in Plaza Catalonia and from there, I walk down the Rambles, I turn left and enter the busy...

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Giacomo Alessandro, author of ‘Barcelona desapareguda’

Have you ever heard of 'Barcelona desapareguda'? It is a page that collects pictures of old...

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Barcelonogy, Lluís Raluy maquillatge 3

La caravana d’en Lluiset al Circ Raluy

I see a man waving to the people under his umbrella. According to his clothes, he could be among...

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Barcelonogy, final Raluy 9

Carlos and Lluís Raluy, directors del Circ Raluy

I arrive at the Raluy Circus with plenty of time ahead: before interviewing its directors, Carlos...

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Carlota Coloma and Adrià Lahuerta, cineastes

I've lived in Barcelona for practically my whole life and had never been to the turó de la Rovira...

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Barcelona by… Alain Chardon

Read more about Alain Chardon's Barcelona, here. Más sobre la Barcelona de Alain Chardon,...

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Alain Chardon, artista i litògraf

I'm going towards Poblenou to visit Quadrat 9, Alain Chardon’s (Thonon les Bains, 1954) graphic arts...

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barcelona by Luis Gueilburt

Barcelona by… Luis Gueilburt

Barcelona by sculptor and expert in Gaudí Luis Gueilburt. Here you can read a lot more about him and...

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Luis Gueilburt, escultor i expert en Gaudí

Going to the passatge Tubella is like travelling back in time. This already anticipates the journey...

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