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Un any de Barcelonogy, capítol 4. Barri Gòtic

I am very familiar with this area, I have worked here: guiding the tour around Basilica del Pi’s...

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‘Contes de propina’ de Damià Bardera

I am not a professional illustrator, but I have been collaborating in Damià Bardera's works for the...

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Un any de Barcelonogy, capítol 3. Gràcia

 We have just been in Sant Gervasi, now… I am in Plaça de Gal·la Placidia and the time has come...

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Un any de Barcelonogy, capítol 2. Sant Gervasi

We have just been in Vallvidrera, Sarrià and Sants, now… I return Up town, where tourists never...

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Un any de Barcelonogy, capítol 1. De Vallvidrera a Sants

In fact it has been a total of 15 months already. Now that the year is coming to an end, it is the...

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Paula Mariscal i Palo Alto Market

A year ago I visited Palo Alto, in Poblenou, to talk with designer Javier Marsical. Today I visit...

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From King’s College to Kings road

I was a Londoner from late 2011 to early 2013, lived in a rush, left in a rush. The time I spent...

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Marc Maria Sanllehy and Marc Roca, Tinglado Restaurant

Marc Maria Sanllehy (Barcelona, 1986) and Marc Roca (Barcelona, 1973) are, respectively, the...

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Eli Urpí, dissenyadora de moda

Eli Urpí (El Papiolet, 1985) studied graphic design at Elisava, but in 2010, her path developed...

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Petz Scholtus and Mari Rodríguez Marañís, Yök Casa + Cultura

I don’t feel as if I was entering in a hotel, but I already know that Yök Casa + Cultura is much...

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