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Xavier Corberó and OPENHOUSE

The following is just an appetizer of my 1st collaboration with OpenHouse magazine....

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Lucía Gugliotta

La Lucía Gugliotta (Montevideo, 1984) i jo no ens coneixíem abans de quedar un divendres a la tarda...

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Helena Basaganas, Barcelonogy-1

Helena Basagañas

No penseu que alguns ens estem acostumant massa a gaudir de l’Art de manera virtual? Feia temps que...

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Albert Mercadé Ciutat

El crític d’art Albert Mercadé Ciutat (Barcelona, 1981) treballa des de fa cinc anys a la fundació...

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L’art (in)intencional del Perico Pastor

“The paint stains that, without meaning to, you have accumulated over the supports where you work,...

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Perico Pastor, artista

I am going towards the Carrer Llull in Poblenou to visit the studio of Perico Pastor (La Seu...

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Nico Alonso, secretari de la Coordinadora de geganters de Barcelona

Giants, in Catalonia, do exist: there are human figures, about three meters tall and they go dancing...

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Una de gegants

There are more than 250 giants hidden all over Barcelona: these tall creatures represent one of the...

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Barcelonogy. Antoni Gelonch 8

Antoni Gelonch, una conversa en tres parts

This interview has been divided in three parts. On the first one, Antoni Gelonch, art collector and...

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