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Natalie Capell, Barcelonogy.2

Desfilada de la Natalie Capell

I am interested in fashion that doesn’t follow trends. Timeless Barcelona, I already wrote a little...

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Barcelonogy, Lluís Raluy maquillatge 3

La caravana d’en Lluiset al Circ Raluy

I see a man waving to the people under his umbrella. According to his clothes, he could be among...

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Barcelonogy, final Raluy 9

Carlos and Lluís Raluy, directors del Circ Raluy

I arrive at the Raluy Circus with plenty of time ahead: before interviewing its directors, Carlos...

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Concerts a la Casa Vicens

When Barcelonogy interviewed Gaudí expert Luis Gueilburt and asked about the less known works of...

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Carmen Litago, recaptadora de fons de la Fundació Roure

The Born is one of the favourite areas of many barcelonians: picturesque buildings, restaurants,...

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Barcelona by… Javier Mariscal

Javier Mariscal's Barcelona personal map. El mapa personal de la Barcelona de Javier...

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Javier Mariscal, dissenyador

In 1992, when the Olympic games took place in Barcelona, I was still in kindergarten. But like many...

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