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Alicia Rosselló and Elisa Riera, organitzadores del Festivalet

Alicia Rosselló (Barcelona, 1984) and Elisa Riera (Barcelona, 1981) are the organizers of the...

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barcelona by Luis Gueilburt

Barcelona by… Luis Gueilburt

Barcelona by sculptor and expert in Gaudí Luis Gueilburt. Here you can read a lot more about him and...

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Luis Gueilburt, escultor i expert en Gaudí

Going to the passatge Tubella is like travelling back in time. This already anticipates the journey...

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anna maleras1

Anna Maleras, ballarina, coreògrafa i pedagoga

For those of you who are familiar with the barcelonian dance scene, Anna Maleras (Barcelona, 1940)...

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Barcelona by… Àlex Mitrani

More about Àlex Mitrani's vision of the city here Más sobre la visión que Àlex Mitrani tiene...

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Àlex Mitrani, comisari, crític d’art i professor

Àlex Mitrani (Barcelona, 1970) combines his activity as a teacher at the University Centre of Design...

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Bernat Sans, integrador social

In a time in which reinventing yourself is almost a fashionable thing to do, Bernat Sans (Barcelona,...

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