We have just started filming the documentary ‘Who is Tony Keeler?’ directed by Adriana de Sandoval and myself.

In the next weeks we will be travelling around Barcelona, Cadaquès and Sitges in order to interview many different people who have had a relevance in Tony Keeler’s life. This project carries Barcelonogy’s sprit only that in a new format. I am so delighted to be working with a wonderful team and to – always – rediscover (seven years after graduating from film school) the endless possibilities of sound and moving image.

After weeks of preparation, this journey started yesterday. We filmed in three locations spread around central Barcelona: la Universitat Central’s lush cloisters, the Casanova photography store (Ronda Universitat, 35) and the Bar Estudiantil in Plaça Universitat where Tony and Linda Keeler first met in 1958.

I have to go now and get ready for tomorrow’s filming, but will keep you posted! *


The Keelers by Adriana de Sandoval. Barcelonogy

Above, Tony and Linda Keeler in the Bar Estudiantil. Picture by Adriana de Sandoval

Tony Keeler