The journey started almost one month ago around La Universitat Central where Tony and Linda Keeler talked in front of our camera for the first time. Since then, we have interviewed several friends and collaborators around art galleries, homes and even on a theatre stage.

Tony Keeler, doc.2

Above, Miguel Àngel Pérez and Tony Keeler in Casanova foto.

Tony Keeler, doc.3

Tom Maddock shows us his collection of ‘Keelers’. Below, with Adriana de Sandoval -who codirects the project.

Tony Keeler, doc.4

Pep Vinyes, is a friend and fellow traveler.

Tony Keeler, doc.5

Tony Keeler, doc.7

Above, Enric de Santos showing one of Tony Keeler’s photos exhibited in els 12 gats. Below, after his interview with me.

Tony Keeler, doc.6

Josep Maria and Tatat Cardona tell us about the old Cadaqués days while Pere Salvat does a sound test.

Tony Keeler, doc.8

Tony Keeler, doc.9

Above, Josep Maristany who met Tony Keeler in 1958; he was the first friend he made in Barcelona. Below, Macarena (right) and María Antonia (left), recall the Ibiza times from El Almazen’s stage, in the Raval.

Tony Keeler, doc.10

From tomorrow, this journey will continue around Sitges where, for a few days, we will search for more answers to the big question: ‘Who is Tony Keeler?’ I will keep you posted! *