Sometimes it is a necessary exercise to take distance from a subject of study in order to renew one’s perspectives. I didn’t know a lot about Stockholm other than a series of far away clichés (snow, islands, saunas, no euro, Nobel Prize…) or from wonderful pieces of literature like “The serious game” by Hjalmar Söderberg, a novel I would definitely recommend.

Visiting a new city makes me wonder about the perception that thousands of people who come to Barcelona for the first time must have: that universal feeling of disorientation and curiosity, all mixed together. What do they know from this place before coming? What are their expectations? What images stay with them after they go?

I loved many elements of this city and hope to be back some other time. Perhaps (who knows) I will also be able to give you a more detailed report. But, for now, if I had to choose what has impressed me the most after a quick three-day introduction, it has been Stockholm’s crepuscular light and how it shines from 10am to 14pm against that icy atmosphere.

Here is a selection of some of the images where I did my best to capture this light during a wintery, yet heart-warming trip.