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Barcelona by… Alison Sye

There is an enormous difference between a tourist and a traveler. I recently discovered the work of...

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Barcelona by… Rafael Argullol

During the conversation I had with Writer Rafael Argullol, he proved to be quite critical of...

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Barcelona by… Flores & Prats

Architects Eva Prats and Ricardo Flores explained their drawing of an underwater Barcelona: ‘if you...

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Barcelona by… Susana Gross

Here we have Barcelona by writer Susana Gross. She tells me: ‘I cut the paper in the shape of a...

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Barcelona by… Javier Mariscal

Javier Mariscal's Barcelona personal map. El mapa personal de la Barcelona de Javier...

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Barcelona by… Pablo Zea

To read more about Pablo Zea, co founder of the advertising agency SantaMarta, and the way he sees...

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Barcelona by… Alain Chardon

Read more about Alain Chardon's Barcelona, here. Más sobre la Barcelona de Alain Chardon,...

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barcelona by Luis Gueilburt

Barcelona by… Luis Gueilburt

Barcelona by sculptor and expert in Gaudí Luis Gueilburt. Here you can read a lot more about him and...

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Barcelona by… Àlex Mitrani

More about Àlex Mitrani's vision of the city here Más sobre la visión que Àlex Mitrani tiene...

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