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Whether we like the idea or not, we must wear clothes. And, –ideally- those should be made out of non toxic, organic fabrics, locally and ethically produced, fair trade, unique pieces, upcycled, etc. All these terms (the list is not short) are linked to the Fashion Revolution that emerged after the tragedy that took place on the 24th April, 2013 in Rana Plaza, Bangladesh. Since then, people have started to become aware of the problematic that exists within the textile industry and how it affects us all.

Barcelonogy recently discussed this problematic and its possible solutions with designer Virginia Rondeel, president of Barcelona’s Association of Ethical and Sustainable Fashion. The Association’s goal is to build awareness about what is going on around the clothes you wear daily. In order to achieve that, they recently organized the city’s first ecofashion show that took place last week at the Palau Robert’s gardens. It was packed!

So, once the awareness is built, where can people start consuming ethically produced pieces in Barcelona? Bellow you can read the list distributed at the show featuring all the brands that contributed in it. You might want to take a look if you are in town hunting for clothes that can make a difference, not only to your wordrobe, but also to the Earth and to your fellow humans. I also recommend visiting Humus in Ciutat Vella (carrer Avinyó, 29) and GreenLifeStyle in Gracia (Torrent de l’Olla, 95). In addition, there is a great website called Pamapam, where you will find a map of sustainable, ecofriendly grocery and garment shops. Enjoy!

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